Welcome to Compost! 🎉

A simple, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.

Compost is a simple, lightweight theme for Hugo . Mainly based on the Congo , also refer to hugo-starter-tailwind-basic and so on.


  • Styles are based on Tailwind CSS 3.x, and the official Typography plugin .
  • You can build and test directly with the hugo command (using some of the tricks mentioned in #8343 ).
  • 🌐 The article style is specially customized for the Simplified Chinese language (only applied when the lang of html is zh).
  • ✨ Automatically resize images with Hugo’s built-in function, and add native lazy loading attr (supported by browsers)


  1. Set the theme in the Hugo project as github.com/canstand/compost, and add required options to config.toml:
theme = 'github.com/canstand/compost'

# required
_merge = 'deep'

# required
_merge = 'deep'

# for better seo
_merge = 'deep'
  1. Install or upgrade dependencies:
hugo mod get -u
hugo mod npm pack
npm install
  1. Then run your project as usual.
hugo server



All the shortcodes available in theme.
·3 mins

Markdown Syntax Guide

Sample article showcasing basic Markdown syntax and formatting for HTML elements.
·3 mins

Rich Content

A brief description of Hugo Shortcodes
·1 min